Buy Local Spend Local is a regional program that connects your Credit Union members to locally-owned businesses in your community, encouraging them to not only BUY LOCAL, but to also SPEND LOCAL by using your credit union’s debit or credit card for purchases.

This unique program benefits local business owners, your Credit Union and your members.

Buy Local Spend Local is the brainchild of Canidae Consulting. Canidae Consulting delivers clever solutions to credit unions across the country.  If it’s a clever credit union solution, they probably had a hand, er, paw, in it.

How Does it Work

Select local businesses will be listed, by category, on your customized, turnkey site. Businesses can purchase upgraded listings and featured business sponsorships. Featured businesses commit to providing a special offer or discount to patrons paying with your debit or credit card. Your credit union commits to reimbursing select, random transactions when your members use your debit or credit card to patronize participating stores, restaurants, service providers, and other businesses.

The program features professionally-designed outreach materials, customized point-of-sale display items, a branded online marketplace, and dynamic social media presence to KEEP LOCAL MONEY LOCAL.